Coindrum provides airport self-service units that turn leftover coins into duty free vouchers worth 110% of deposits.

This solves the foreign coin inconvenience for travellers, increases the percentage of people that shop for retailers and speeds up airport security checks.

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Stuck with coins when travelling?


They are a nuisance during security checks, might not be the currency of your destination and often go unused.

Use Coindrum Next time you travel!


Simply deposit all unwanted coins and immediately receive an airport shopping voucher in return. We even sometimes give extra free credit or offer a charity alternative.

Buy something you love rather than carrying dead weight.​


You can spend the voucher on anything you like in the participating shops, no mixing of foreign coins or manual counting needed!

Airport retail


Not enough travellers shop in your airport.

The single biggest commercial opportunity in travel retail is to get more travellers to start shopping. Otherwise increasing retail profitability is difficult as margins as well as spent per customer are already optimised and overall traffic numbers can’t be controlled. This is why hugely expensive advertising is at its capacity, but the Coindrum innovation is taking the industry by storm to offer another way.


We offer a much welcome customer service that is proven to significantly drive footfall penetration as a byproduct.

Passengers are stuck with their coins when travelling but can now use Coindrum to convert them into airport retail vouchers, committing to start shopping as a direct consequence.


Sell more without any risk or set up costs.

It’s a category growth opportunity and win-win solution by which passengers outspend the relatively low value vouchers by roughly 10X at the tills.​​ ​Coindrum usually beats the current Average Transaction Value.

Our Team

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Niall Bouktila

Business Development Executive


Alan O’Regan

Finance Executive


Shane Cunningham

Technology Executive

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Lukas Decker

Chief Executive, Director & Founder

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